A Letter Sent From a Light-year Away


How is the sky
in your side of the universe?
And the moon,
and that elegant black
punctuated by stars?

How are your memories?
Was I ever a speck in the crowd,
one of the faceless many?
The back of a head
showered by moonlight?
A figure that is all too familiar
but which the crude dimensions
might have asked you
to forget?

Do you, as I do,
count the flickering lamp posts,
and watch lovers stroll by
on cobbled pavements,
hand in hand
until they share unrestrained
in the darkened corners
of my mind?

Do you ever look outside
your window,
and feel
the solitude–
the coldness
of these steel window frames
and these crumbling
specks of paint?

Do you feel how
your hands become warm
sometimes–all of a sudden–
as if you knew I’d thought
of holding them?

Do you feel your tears
drifting away
as if in reverse,
or caught in the wind,
along with the old leaves,
the vestiges, and scattered things
of a harsh winter rain?

How should I think of you–
you on the alternate side
of this half-life

when I might be a day ahead
in time
and you are just waking up
from a strange dream
of windows and the wind
and lovers under lamp posts
and a nameless face
under a silver moonlight?

First Published on July 8, 2012


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