Key getting to know me fact


When I love
I love deeply,
it’s a little like
holding a feather
in your palm
or watching a leaf fall
or looking at the sky
until it turns purple
or lying on a bed of grass
and staring at the stars,
drinking in the universe
and the very moment
of seeing it
in another person’s eyes.

But it is also a little like making toast in the morning or drinking tea
while typing on your ‘inappropriate’ keyboard, or buying a new chair
or looking at your old couch and wondering what it would feel like
if I were there, sitting beside you and talking to you about Dr. Who
while you make me laugh and smile and kiss you. (I seem to like kissing you…)
It might also be a little like that bowl of cherries that’s supposed to be life
or my list of allergies that you need to memorize. It’s a little like
looking into the future and seeing ‘his’ girlfriend and wanting her,
although you know, you know very well… that you ‘have’ her,
a little too vaguely, but you can have have her… if it pleases you.
And although it is not a commitment or a bond or an IOU or a promise,
it is an addiction, one we’re both happily addicted to,
one that compels and drives and calls your name
though she doesn’t know you. How silly this might seem to many!
But who cares what they think? You and me… we can rule the world (haha!)
It is a little like these conversations, sweet nothings (which you never understood),
or the beautiful flowers that made me smile all week. It’s a little like

all these little things.

Because as much as I do things
seriously, passionately, deeply,
I also do things gently,
and easily–
so very easily,
like the first time
I said
I missed you.

First Published on September 14, 2012


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