Last night


for our love of psychological horror

Last night,
I broke into
your apartment.
I tiptoed
my way in
and messed
with your life

You will find
the letters
of your keyboard
have all turned
into shapely little
r’s, and your chair–
well, I tried
to move it
out of that corner,
but you’re right,
it’s best left there.
I sat on your couch,
lay there,
and stared at
your ceiling.
I watched the sky
slowly come into
the room
and crawl
onto the floor.

You have a very

I sat by your bed,
by the way…
I hope you don’t mind.
Then, I lay next to you
and just watched
your eyes closed
while you drank in
your dreams.
You have very beautiful
You stirred a little
so I hummed
a little lullaby.
I didn’t dare hold you.

But I dreamed a little, too…
dreamed about
what it would feel like
if you held me
close enough
so I could hear
your heartbeat.
I dreamed about
how your arms would
feel around me.
I’m really just so small…
I couldn’t hurt you.

But morning
was slowly creeping
into the room,
and you have
your important
matters to attend.
So I watch you
smile in your sleep
for the last time.
And I crawl out
of your bed,
out of your room,
and out of your life.

I hope
you don’t mind
that I
some of your tea.

First Published on September 18, 2012


2 thoughts on “Last night

  1. Memorable poem. Love the lines about stealing tea at the end but couldn’t help thinking it would be even more effective and unusual without the mention of this ‘little kiss’ when the person wouldn’t ‘even dare hold’ the person before. Also, you also already established that he had crawled out of the bed already – losing the physical continuity. Perhaps it could come earlier? Anyway, thanks for sharing this!

  2. You’re absolutely right! I didn’t think of the continuity before. As for the ‘little kiss’, maybe it’s saying (s)he just couldn’t resist doing it. But yeah, maybe, there should be something before that indicates (s)he can’t resist it.

    Thank you for your comment! I truly appreciate it. ^_^

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