The Amorous Language of Words

landscape harajuku

for one ‘quiet’ evening

‘Beautiful’ tucked a stray strand of hair
behind my ear,
while ‘I have you’
gazed intently into my eyes

‘I am here for you’
whispered sweet silences,
and took my hand
while I taught you to dance
in the ballad of this frozen

I stayed in the fire
of ‘I missed you’s’ embrace
and my thoughts strayed
in the lack of space

What we had, have,
and possibly just will
are words
and this distance–
such a wonderful waste.

‘I wish you’re with me always’
planted a kiss
on my closed eyes,
my eyebrows,
the tip of my nose,
and on my three dimples

while ‘You just make me
want to be with you’
held me there

‘You make me feel right’
untied my hair,

while slowly
‘I won’t go anywhere’

wrapped his arms around me
so tenderly
in this valentine evening
hoping the pleasure
of silence

will never come to an end

First Published on October 13, 2012


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