Happy Happy Cream Puff Days

If there’s one place I like bringing my friends to for a quiet afternoon chat, it’s Happy Cream Puff. This small, cozy patisserie, located in a quiet corner in Makati, sells just about the most mouth-watering cream puffs in the archipelago. You can stop reading now and just look at the pictures.


A cream puff, or a profiterole (what a sad sad name for such a delightful dessert, right?), is a light pastry ball, filled with either whipped cream, custard, or ice cream. (Source: wiseGEEK)  Happy Cream Puff’s cream puffs (I just like saying that, haha!) are filled with special custard cream, infused with vanilla beans. This is only piped into the pastry just before they serve it to you. The ball of pastry, itself, is light, airy, and a bit crunchy. These are then topped with a variety of ingredients: caramel, cocoa powder, almonds, dark chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles, strawberry cream. Their newest topping is matcha or green tea!

DSC00346 cream puff 2

Happy Cream Puff’s cream puffs (I did it again!) come in four varieties: the regular-sized cream puff, the petit puffs, the nama choux, and the croquembouche. The regular puffs come in plain, caramel, and if I’m not mistaken, chocolate flavors. Their plain variety is their original product. I’ve only tasted the caramel variety, and true to it’s tag, it really is a best-seller! The petit puffs are bite-sized, very colorful, and super fun! This is where the bakers create a rainbow of flavors. I think these are the puffs that made me happiest.

cream puff collage

The nama choux is kind of like their gourmet variety. It is layer after layer of pastry, whipped cream, caramel, and mango or strawberry slices. The croquembouche is a pretty pyramid of petit puffs. These are usually ordered for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

cream puff 1

I’ve been to Happy Cream Puff’s Malugay branch twice. The first time with my artist friend Kem; the second time with my best friend Betsy, who was only too happy to take pictures of the puffs, in all their confectionery goodness. Perhaps what I liked best about Happy Cream Puff is that it provides you this cocoon of comfort, like you can forget about the dozens of papers that you need to process or the demanding boss… or that your sugar levels are getting too high, haha.. It is as if you’re a child again who would insist on eating desserts first!


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