What I Did On My Birthday

Today, I celebrated my 26th birthday. It feels strange to be on the other side of the 20’s scale. But it feels good. The day was unusually warm. I started it with a long walk toward The Bahay ng Alumni, where I would meet one of my best friends, Nicole. We had lunch at a cafe called Chocolate Kiss. We both ordered pasta in pesto sauce (mine’s the ordinary kind, hers the red one). That’s a testament to our strong friendship. Yes. Ordering the same food.


After lunch, we walked to my office in the Faculty Center because I needed the internet for some “urgent” business matter. Well, “urgent” is kinda relative… especially when there are so many opportunities to take pretty photos of ourselves.

02 04 05

I posted only Nicole’s photos here because I’m just… camera-shy. Either that or I’m in reality a pimply boy with eleven fingers, a third eye, and elephantine feet. Take your pick.

On the way to my office, I saw this really beautiful birds of paradise. The orange hue made me think of sunsets, and I couldn’t help but smile.

03I also love the cobbled path and our ballet flats in/on(??) it.

06After the “urgent” matter at my office, we went to the mall and saw this cute little cupcake shop. They had really nice interiors — really whimsical and sweet. Unfortunately, their cupcakes were also VERY sweet. We tried the low sugar coffee walnut salted caramel variety, but it didn’t feel like low sugar at all.

12But that doesn’t erase the fact that the place was really pretty. Like a dollhouse. Even their cupcakes are pretty!

10 11 13 09 07And oh! Their banoffee looked really cute in these jars.

15And their iced tea came in these cute mug/jars too!


After this cupcake store, we went to a bookstore, a really expensive clothing/small things store, and a department store. We really just explored the shops and didn’t buy anything. We also did some karaoke and sang lots of old romantic songs and Lady Gaga songs (haha!). Unfortunately, at this point, the battery of my camera died, so I wasn’t able to take any pictures.

All in all, my day was quiet but fun. I’m really thankful that I could spend it with a really good friend, to whom I’ll be saying good-bye in a few weeks. Life goes on, they say. But we never forget these memories.


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