What He Did On My Birthday

When I turned 25, he sent me flowers. He was in Japan. I was in the Philippines. I didn’t know how he would do it. But he Sherlocked his way into doing it! And I felt like I was the prettiest girl in the universe.

A few days before my 26th birthday, he came to the Philippines. Despite the torrential rains, the deadly whirlwind, and the generally schizophrenic weather, we had a fun week together.  We ate jalapeno-loaded nachos, a Starbucks cookie with a marshmallow center, and some good old English pie. We also did American crossword puzzles, played bowling and billiards and darts, drank beer and peanut butter shake, and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark and one slightly forgettable Salma Hayek movie. For my birthday, he got me a rose-scented perfume and a pretty little card.


The night before my 26th birthday, we had a two-hour Skype date. We mostly talked about writing. He had a passion for writing and gave me a lot of advice on dialogues and plot lines. He remembers lines very well and could recite his favorites to me in a heartbeat. I loved listening to him and learning from him. And laughing at him too whenever he did his Mexican, Italian, or Indian accents. But my favorite would always be his standard British. It makes me go… mmmmmm…

skype dateOn my birthday, I got an e-card from him. It had cute cats in it, haha! I smiled the entire day. He also sent me a birthday message. He talked about the things we were gonna do before I turned 27. I’m flying to Japan in a few weeks. And I’m very excited!

cats card

A day after my birthday, I went to my classes, as usual. I got quite exhausted after a whole day’s lecture on social media and vanity (a.k.a. the selfie). But when I got back to my apartment, I was surprised to find a bouquet of red roses waiting for me. It was the perfect gift to cap off my birthday celebration.
26th birthday2Now, I really feel like the prettiest girl in the universe, haha! But more than that, I feel very loved. (Sorry for the vain attempts at vanity. Must be the “selfie” talk talking… if you get what I mean.)


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