Autumn in Japan

563506_350156135103216_1888088112_nAfter almost three years, a rollercoaster of emotions, and a brave decision to change my life, I am now back in Japan. It feels strange to me that I don’t feel strange at all. It feels like I had just come back from a very long vacation. And now I’m home.

I’ve only been here four days, and yet the same familiar routine is again slowly incorporating itself into my system. The routine involves going to school by train, walking long distances, allotting a number of hours for preparation, setting aside a couple of hours each day to study Japanese, spending time with my boyfriend, and just simply being part of the metropolis. I feel like a cog or a screw in a very large organic machinery that only works if there is order and discipline. And as much as it would easily bore those who do not appreciate routine, I actually am glad to be a part of it. I like order. I like routine. I like thinking about the whole system and not just the individual. I like how they think like this in this country.

I came at a strange time, though. It was also October when I first came here. But that October was harshly cold, like winter had come early. But this October is different. This autumn is different. The breeze is warm and strong. The afternoons are sunny, the evenings cool. In fact, I spent this afternoon, sitting on the veranda and watching my city as it goes about its daily business.

It feels as though this autumn coincides with my transition from the tropical life I left behind to this new world with its beautiful four seasons. I feel like nature is being sentimental and kind. It makes me remember the warm and humid air of the Philippines but also pushes me forward to the colder nights of Japan.

I came at a perfect time, I think.

Daily Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement


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