Lonely Girl and Old Man

modernized candelabra in the legend, palawanFor a very long time, Lonely Girl had been the only ghost in the old library.  The students would hear her floating quietly in between the dusty shelves, picking out an ancient text or so, laughing at some funny story, and then putting the book back into its proper place. Sometimes, they would hear a chair creak as if somebody had pulled it out, and they would see clean round spots on a table as if someone had put their elbows on it as they cupped their chin  with both hands and enjoyed their book. At night, students, going back to their dormitories, would also hear muffled sobs drifting through the broken glass windows. They would then know that they weren’t alone, but that somebody inside the old library felt that she was. And that was why they called her Lonely Girl.

There were a lot of stories that told of why Lonely Girl was lonely. They said that she was an avid reader. (Well, everybody could see that, really. Why else would she be in the library?) They also said that she liked writing and drawing. They said that she was smart but that she always sat in a corner looking out the window. They said that she kept a journal. And they said that long ago, somebody got ahold of her journal and found that Lonely Girl actually killed herself. They said that she killed herself because of a broken heart.

Well, for a very long time, Lonely Girl had been the only ghost in the old library. Until someone else died, that is. An old man. Nobody knew what he did nor what he was like. He was just an old man who probably died of old age and for some reason decided to join Lonely Girl in the library. From then on, instead of the sound of sobbing or the creaking of lonely chairs, the students started to hear conversations. The first thing that a student heard in the library was “Those are all rumours, y’know.”  The student freaked out, of course, and ran away before he could really hear the rest.

to be continued…


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